Organising an event can feel like tackling a mountain of tasks. From coordinating vendors to managing guest lists, there’s already plenty on your plate without the added stress of worrying about the facilities for your guests. Read on as we’ve simplified the process of toilet hire for events, providing you with the essential information to kickstart your preparations.

When To Book Toilet Hire For Events

Booking your portable toilets should be done as soon as you know the date and location that your event will be held. This ensures that you don’t miss out on providing your guests with those much-needed facilities to keep them comfortable.

If you leave booking your toilets until it is just before the event you could find yourself in short supply or with a different unit. Therefore, plan ahead for the sake of your guests!

Types Of Toilet Hire For Events

Our luxury toilet trailers are the perfect match for large events and corporate functions that require a little more finesse. These luxury toilet trailers are available in 2 stations, 3 stations and 4 stations. This flexibility means you can ensure the perfect number of toilets for your event. Gone are the days of long queues for the loo!

These toilet trailers boast several luxury inclusions to ensure they are a stand out:

  • ducted airconditioning
  • hands-free petal flush
  • both internal and external lighting
  • sound system
  • luxury interior decor

The Number Of Toilets Needed

The number of toilets you will need will depend on the number of guests you anticipate will come to your event. It is always better to have too many than too little as lines to go to the loo can become rather long.

For larger numbers of guests, our luxury toilet trailers come in 2, 3 and 4-stall units with the largest catering up to 400 guests. If you have trouble figuring out the numbers for your event we are always happy to help during your booking!

Flexible Toilet Hire Options

There is nothing worse than rigid rules, so we provide flexible hire options! If things change later down the track with your event we can always extend your hire period if you need your portable toilets longer than expected.

Make sure that if things do change, you notify us as soon as possible so that we can make the arrangements for you. This will allow us to stay up to date on your hire and you can continue to cater to your guests without issue.

The Affordability Of Toilet Hire For Events

Hosting an event can be expensive but at least the portable toilets make it affordable! How do you ask? Well, portable toilets allow you to host your event anywhere. Whether you are having a concert at the local park, showgrounds or a corporate event at the beach, a luxury portable toilet can always accompany you.

Hosting your event outside also saves you money on venue costs, which can be expensive. An indoor venue may not be the best spot for your event either, as it limits the number of guests you can accommodate, especially if you are considering hosting a concert. In this, your portable toilet hire practically pays for itself as an outdoor event will provide you with more paying guests!

Organising your toilet hire for events is easy when you book in with us. Give us a call at Luxury Toilet Hire today and let’s get planning your next event!