Luxury restroom rentals have gifted the events industry with amenities for guests that are second to none. They have become a crucial part of upscale events that provide luxurious comfort and convenience for valued guests.

However, when it comes to arranging luxury toilet hire, many hosts and event planners have questions that often arise. To flush the air and ensure your event planning is seamless, we’ve put together the top questions and subsequent answers about our luxury restroom rentals.

What is Included in the Price?

Our luxury restroom rental service is a complete service with a variety of conveniences. Once we quote your price, it is complete with pre-event consultations with the event manager, delivery to your specified site, our professional on-site installation, the hire period for your event, all consumables, waste removal services, and GST. We at Luxury Toilet Hire are committed to ensuring a seamless and all-inclusive experience that covers every detail within the quoted price. No hidden costs here!

Does the Ground Need to Be Level?

Yes, we do require a reasonably level ground for the proper installation of a successful luxury restroom rental. Level ground is important for proper functionality. A level ground not only guarantees a smooth operation but it is also important to maintain the safety of your guests.

Do the Toilet Trailers Need Access to Power?

The main reason for our luxury toilet suites needing power is for the air conditioning and heating systems. While these units can function without direct access to power, having an available on-site power source serves as a backup, especially for climate control features to ensure uninterrupted service.

What is Required for the Luxury Toilet Trailers to Work On-Site?

The needs for our luxury toilet trailers vary depending on the specific unit being rented. Our Stall Spa Suite Restroom trailers typically need only a power point for the air conditioning. However, if possible, having access to on-site fresh water will enhance the overall service quality. In locations where water sources are not available, we offer water tanks and generators that are available for hire. This helps us to cater to a range of needs and circumstances.

Where Will You Deliver Toilet Trailers To?

Our service includes accommodating your event’s location. Our team travels as far as required, depending on road conditions of course. Additionally, we have units in major areas such as Sydney and Melbourne, ensuring accessibility to these luxurious facilities.

Do the Luxury Toilet Suites Have Showers?

Our Luxury Spa Suite Restrooms are exclusively designed as toilets. However, for guests who want shower amenities as well, we offer the VIP Luxury Bathroom that is complete with a hot shower, toilet, and a large vanity.  If your needs vary, we can also provide single Portable Hot Showers.

How Many Toilets Can I Hire for My Event?

The number of toilets you can book for your event is flexible, and tailored to your specific requirements. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend allowing 50 people per restroom/toilet. It’s important to include all attendees, including staff members, in this calculation. While one toilet per 50 individuals is a standard guideline, we recommend that high-end events opt for additional toilets to reduce waiting times which ensures comfort and convenience for all of your guests.

Luxury restroom rentals add an impressive level of comfort and elegance to events. Before hiring luxury portable toilets, it’s important to understand the nuances of these rentals for seamless planning. We at Luxury Toilet Hire aim to provide solutions that meet the needs of your unique event.

If you require any additional information or are ready to hire one of our luxury restroom amenities, our friendly team at Luxury Toilet Hire is ready for your call.