Your big outdoor event is coming. You have invited your guests, picked out the right-sized tent, hired your chairs and tables, splurged on the best decorations, and found precisely the right caterer. The last thing on your list is something you nearly forgot: the toilets! While you know you need them, hiring run-of-the-mill portable toilets doesn’t match the aesthetic of your event. Your guests deserve more. We agree, and we’re here to help.

At Luxury Toilet Hire, we have the best in high-end luxury toilet trailers available for hire, exactly for this purpose: to complement your event. With our luxury toilet trailers, you gain an unforgettable portable toilet experience that may leave you wondering what you ever did without them!

From our special features to beautiful decor, convenient consumables, and delivery, we have your needs fully covered. Read on as we explore the top features you never knew you needed.

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