Hiring a portable toilet for a corporate promotional event has certainly changed over the years. What once was a task of calculating how many toilets and toilet rolls you need has become a lot more exciting with the luxury of choice. The conversation has shifted from the basic loo necessities required to an opportunity to impress your guests with the ultimate restroom experience.

If you’re hosting a corporate promotional event, you can now implement your personal touch with a luxury portable toilet suite. Let’s give your clients something to talk about with our impressive features.

What Is A Portable Toilet Suite?

Gone are the days of hot and smelly portable toilets that your clients dread using. Our luxurious features now make the necessary pitstop a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of your event. Your client’s positive experience with a basic necessity will leave quite a lasting impression!

Our portable toilet suites are taking the portable toilet to the next level. Instead of delivering a basic product complete with a small toilet and a small basin, we deliver far more. Our spacious suites are on a trailer with the options of two, three or four large stalls that are spacious and ready to impress.

What Sets Them Apart

We have put a lot of thought into our design process ensuring both your and your client’s bathroom experience is seamless and even enjoyable! Let’s take a look at what our luxury portable toilet suite has to offer.

A Modern Portable Toilet

As we know, first impressions last. One of the first things your clients will notice is the beautiful modern décor of our portable toilets. We have pulled all the stops here with Corian countertops, stainless steel sinks, and high-quality tapware.

One of our more popular additions is the integrated bin hole for access to the bin under the countertop. This keeps waste out of sight which also allows for less maintenance from your cleaning crew while keeping the restroom tidy and clean.

Additionally and quite possibly most importantly, the selected materials are designed to reduce odours. We’ve removed the porous materials that can cause bad smells to linger.

Effective Lighting

We have considered the need for appropriate lighting not only inside but also outside the portable toilet suite. Traditional portable toilets are dimly lit inside with no opportunity for your clients to touch up their makeup or fix up their hair. We have introduced bright fluorescent lighting to allow for the touch-ups while also including an exterior step light to make nighttime trips to the loo much easier and safer.

Easy Access

Keeping you and your guests safe is important to us. We have designed our trailers to have easy access with porch-style steps with a landing. Not only does this allow easy access into the luxury portable toilet but also in between the toilets. Keeping the steps above the ground also reduces grass, mud or rainwater from entering the toilet. This alleviates a messy entrance which helps to keep the toilet looking sparkly and clean!

Reducing Germs One Flush At A Time

If covid taught us anything, it was about reducing the transmission of germs. We’ve done our level best by including a fancy hands-free pedal flush for our toilets. This pedal flushing system keeps your hands to yourself after toilet use and is one more step in reducing germ transmission. Now that is something we can all appreciate.

Air Conditioning For Those Hot Days

There isn’t anything much worse at an event than stepping into a hot and muggy portable toilet that makes you sweat. Our hot Australian climate can be unforgiving and uncomfortable at times, which is why air-conditioning was a must-have for our luxury portable toilets. If your event is outdoors or even if your event is indoors, stepping into our air-conditioned toilets is a reprieve from the heat allowing your guests a moment to cool down and freshen up. That is certainly a luxury!

Fresh Air Please!

For the seasons when we aren’t experiencing high heat and do not require air conditioning, our toilets are complete with powered roof vents to let in an abundance of fresh air for excellent ventilation.

A Sound System  

Imagine walking into a luxury portable toilet suite and being greeted with soft music- what a treat to the senses! If soft music isn’t on par with your brand, no problem. You have full control over the playlist. You can play old-school hits or rock and roll, whatever tickles your fancy.

Ceiling Mounted Speakers

A high-quality sound system that can be enjoyed from above does not go unnoticed. Not only do our speakers play your favourite tunes, but they also allow your guests to not miss out on any important announcements. You certainly don’t want your most VIP clients to miss out on the important pitch or performance you were hoping to win them over with.

How It Works

We have just learned about the all-important conveniences and luxuries of our beautiful luxury portable toilets so now its time to get to the functions:

Waste Removal

Our unique waste treatment system is connected by our installers to temporarily connect our luxury toilets to the sewer system or septic system. Our approach helps keep the odours away by flushing waste away and reducing the use of any harsh chemicals.

What Does Your Site Need?

Our luxury portable toilets need only a few things to ensure their compatibility with your event site. We need to be able to connect to a water supply through either a water line or tank storage. We also need to connect to a standard 240v 10amp power supply.

Our installers at Luxury Toilet Hire then look after the rest. We bring our own hoses, connectors and power leads upon delivery leaving one less logistic for you to cover. We look after all of the details required for a pack up and pack down- you will barely even know we’re there!

Our luxury portable toilets are lightweight and easy to transport making them a breeze to deliver and set up almost anywhere. For more information on how Luxury Toilet Hire can help take your event to the next level, give us a call today.