Question: When is a toilet not a toilet?

Answer: When it becomes a luxury experience!

Let’s face it, most toilets are bog standard. But our thrones really are fit for royalty.

It’s time to come out of the (water) closet as we unroll the top features in our range of luxury toilet trailers. Sitting Comfortably? Then, we’ll begin.

Read on for the lowdown on the best outdoor toilet hire money can buy.

The Right Fixtures for Special Occasions

  1. No more toilet puns! Let’s get serious.

Special occasions are precisely that. They’re special. That means the finer points need sorting. Going to the bathroom comes with the territory, especially when you’ve laid on catering and drinks.

This is one of life’s necessities and it needs thinking through. If you’re organising an outdoor wedding, perhaps at home, then expecting your guests to wander through the house in search of somewhere to relieve themselves is never going to work.

Neither is some tight-spaced porta-loo with no mirror or basin that would look more at home on a building site. So what’s the solution?

Some of Our Best Features
Whether you’re making arrangements for a wedding, a movie set or a music event, here’s what our Luxury Toilet Spa Suites include:

  • A stylish, clean and modern interior fit for a top-class hotel
  • Bright but sensitive lighting: ideal for the elderly and those with visual challenges
  • A chic decor housing stainless steel sinks and classy Corian® countertops
  • Commercial grade tap-ware
  • Subtly hidden, under-counter rubbish bins
  • Hygienic hands-free flushing

We all know that the weather in Brisbane can be hot and humid, especially during the summer months. These are the perfect conditions for unwanted aromas to linger.

We’ve thought of this and that’s why ducted air conditioning keeps the air cool and fresh for a pleasing portable toilet experience whatever the weather. You’re in control of the temperature via an easy-to-read digital thermostat.

Alternatively, powered roof vents offer superb ventilation when you don’t need to use the air conditioning function.

Lighting can be a real issue, particularly for elderly wedding guests when the party goes on into the night. We’ve made sure that our wedding toilets are always sufficiently well-lit. Fluorescent lighting keeps bathrooms bright and the exterior courtesy step light makes trips to the bathroom in the dark far safer.

Let the Music Play On!
We’re even able to offer a Bluetooth sound system with ceiling-mounted speakers. This will let your guests or staff continue to enjoy the music and ensure nobody will miss any important announcements or speeches.

Environmentally Friendly
Our urinals have a water-saving push button. They work on an 1/8th of a gallon per flush. They feature a specialist-style trap that reduces odours and keeps the bathrooms smelling fresh.

More Space, Please!
We’re always listening to what our customers tell us they want. Weddings, in particular, are events that can fall foul of insufficient space to touch up hair and make-up. We’ve made sure that our Deluxe Spa Suite Toilet Trailers have ample room for brides, bridesmaids, and star guests to give their look all the attention it needs.

Some Extra Touches
Our Outdoor Toilet hire range can include Porch style steps with landing. This makes access to each toilet unit easier. It also prevents the trailer from sitting in wet grass, reducing the chances of a muddy, mess around the entrance.

We’ve even introduced LED vacancy indicators. This helps let everyone know when a toilet is available.

Outdoor Toilet Hire with a Difference
We believe that no outdoor event would be complete without one of our luxury toilet trailers. Round off your wedding plan by talking to us today about the right luxury toilet hire for your big day.

Get in touch here for a free quote. Ask about our VIP Lux Bathrooms for the ultimate glam event experience.