Team building exercises are important in corporate organisations to bring people together to achieve the goals and objectives of an organisation. An outdoor team-building exercise is an excellent idea since team members can get some fresh air and stress relief while they build relationships. If you’re a team leader organising the next corporate team building event, don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas for you!

Read below for some fun ideas for outdoor team-building exercises. 

1. Telephone
This classic communication exercise is always a winner, and it can easily be done outside. Team members stand in a circle (or can sit on chairs or the grass) and they are tasked with passing a message along from one person to the next. The message is traditionally conveyed verbally by whispering. The last person to receive the message will then be asked to say aloud what they heard. Don’t be surprised that what the first person chose as the message is not what the last person heard!

This simple game shows how official information is distorted as it is passed verbally from the manager to the supervisor and finally to staff members expected to perform a particular task. When the instructions are not clear, the job expected to be done won’t be done in an expected way.

2. The Great Egg Drop
This is a messy exercise best done outside that requires plenty of teamwork and problem-solving. It requires teams to build a structure that will prevent a raw egg from breaking when it’s dropped from a high altitude. This could be the top of a ladder, a window, or a staircase.

A variety of tools should be provided to the teams, but these can be affordable and easy to find, like paper, straws, plastic bags, and tape. While working together on their egg drop creation, the team has opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skills, practice making the best use of resources, and collaborate with one another.

3. Scavenger hunt
When planning this activity, you’ll need to make a list of fun things to be found in the area. Each team’s mission is to find and photograph every item on the list as quickly as possible. The first team to find and photograph all of them wins. You might include natural objects like a bird’s nest as well as things that can be found in nearby buildings like a packet of ketchup from a fast-food restaurant. Get creative, and make sure there are enough things on the list to make it challenging without making it so difficult that participants will get tired or burnt out.

This exercise asks employees to demonstrate planning skills, especially focusing on how to allocate different roles to the team members depending on their capabilities to ensure they complete the task quickly

4. Office Trivia
This is a fun exercise that gauges what employers know or can remember about their workspaces in the organisation. The exercise involves coming up with specific questions, such as “What is written on top of the notice board at the building lobby?” “What colour is the accounting office walls?”, and “What model is your desktop computer?”

Playing this game outdoors is an excellent idea since participants will be out of their normal environment and will be challenged to remember details about the office. Employees could compete individually or could be split into teams, and offering prizes always makes a game a bit more high-stakes and fun! Consider a small gift certificate to a favourite local coffee shop or company swag. This activity tests the observation skills and memory of the team members. It also helps to foster relationships and bonding, since employees will realise how much they have in common and will have fun in a new space together.

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