Every year, more and more weddings are happening. What was once in is out, making way for the new trends to take over. If you’re thinking about getting married in 2022 or attending a wedding ceremony this year, here are some of the best wedding trends you’ll see.

Less is More!
Gone are the days of 200+ people weddings. While some couples still go for a larger group of people for their wedding depending on friends and family sizes, you’ll see more and more brides going with a smaller wedding.

Not only are smaller weddings more affordable, but you can splurge on other aspects of the wedding that are more important to you. Plus, you’ll get to spend more time with the people you love rather than going from guest to guest to say hello. If you’re looking for some popular wedding trends, this is definately one to embrace!

Reading Personal Vows Without an Audience
It’s no secret people go to weddings to watch the bride and groom share their love for one another. While traditionally, the two would write and read their vows aloud during the ceremony, in 2022, you’ll see more couples opting to read their vows without their guests present.

Some couples will read generic vows for the guests at the altar, while others will go straight to exchanging rings and other traditions they’re doing for their ceremony. Reading their personal vows with only one another makes for a more personal experience and is much more intimate.

Having Different Colored Bridesmaid Dresses
You’ll often see the ladies standing by the bride’s side, all wearing the same dress in the same colour. This is very traditional and stunning, but more brides are opting to allow their bridesmaids to wear the same dress but in different colours.

Some brides offer a handful of colours that go with their colour scheme and then let the girls pick. This adds dimension to the wedding, and the professional photos look amazing.

Using a Food Truck Over a Conventional Caterer
You’ll see plenty of brides and grooms with sit-down dinners or buffets of classic dishes like chicken, steak, or Italian cuisine. Food trucks have made waves across the world as mobile restaurants. In 2022, you’ll see more weddings that offer a handful of food trucks at their wedding, so everyone can pick whatever they want to eat.

It’s a great option so people with specific dietary needs can order their own food, and even the bride and groom can sample a little bit of everything.

Outdoor Weddings
There’s nothing like fresh air at weddings, and another of our wedding trends on the rise is outdoor weddings. Even if it’s just for the ceremony, outdoor venues are rising in popularity. You can customise the space easier since it’s a blank slate, and especially when the weather’s comfortable, these outdoor weddings are a hit.

Hiring a Luxury Toilet Suite
Going along with the outdoor wedding trend, you’ll see people hiring a luxury toilet service. These are practical and luxurious before you shoot down the idea, just as the name suggests.

When you walk inside, they feature stunning wood floors, elegant toilets and sinks and make you feel like you’re in the bathroom of a high-end! Luxury toilet suites help reduce wait times in the bathroom and keep your wedding guests happy throughout the event. At Brisbane Luxury Toilet Hire, we will deliver, install and collect our units, so all you have to do is worry about having a great time!

As you plan your dream outdoor wedding, hiring a luxury toilet suite is a great option. There’s plenty of room for changing and fixing makeup and hair, and they’re immaculate and elegant. To make your wedding day more manageable, hire the cleanest and most luxurious portable toilets on the market.

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