While we still have a couple of months to go, the end of the calendar year is fast approaching. This not only means your shopping list could soon be growing that much longer, but the time to plan your company or organisation’s year-end party has also come.

But it’s still the pandemic – you might say.! Yes, and case numbers are higher than ever, in some places. This can make many people pause and decide to postpone getting together until a later date, or to cancel their celebration altogether. It’s true that gathering in indoor spaces is known to increase your risk of contracting the coronavirus.

However, there can still be a quality way to celebrate, with a few changes and tweaks in place. Why not take the celebration outside? At Luxury Toilet Hire, we help you celebrate when you like and where you like. Here’s what we can offer!

Eliminate the Hassle of Going Virtual
You may be considering holding your celebration online this year, in light of the rising cases of COVID-19 throughout Australia. That’s a great way to keep people safe. It can also take extra time, planning, and skill to hold an event online successfully, and if you’re finding yours could be difficult to launch virtually, why not take it all outside?

Our portable, luxury corporate toilet hire allows you to keep your event sophisticated and refined while staying socially distanced yet together in an outdoor setting. Do what you’ve always done, but surrounded by the relative safety of fresh air.

No Need for Indoor Plumbing
So, you’ve moved the festivities outdoors. It can be tempting to hold your corporate Christmas or New Year’s party near your physical office space to let your guests make a run for an indoor washroom nearby when nature calls. For example, you might hold your party under tents outside of corporate headquarters and let guests enter the building just to use the loo.

While convenient on the surface, this means you’re limited in where you hold your party, and it also makes things potentially inconvenient for those attending, depending on how far they have to trek to find a working toilet. You don’t want guests traipsing up escalators in their evening gown once they’ve had a few glasses of champagne.

With corporate toilet hire, your facilities are right there when and where you need them. Our spa suites come equipped with porch-style steps, a grated landing, and handles or rails for safe use.

Stylish and modern vanities allow for room to move and give women someplace to lay their purse. There’s also room for the convenient placement of hand sanitiser. Foot pedal flushing allows for hands-free service, helping to reduce the spread of germs.

Finally, fully ducted air conditioning keeps the air fresh and pleasant, as it’s constantly being replaced.

You Get Peace of Mind and the Best
Hiring outdoor toilets doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice atmosphere and style for convenience. We all know how unattractive your run-of-the-mill portaloos can be, especially after hours of use.

With our corporate toilet hire, your luxury toilets are the exact opposite: luxurious. LED indicators automatically tell you if the unit is occupied and are easy to see in dim settings. Speakers are mounted inside each toilet, allowing you to broadcast a playlist, or pipe in the sound from your event. This includes speeches and music, so your guests don’t miss a thing.

Bright internal and external lighting means no one is left in the dark when the sun goes down.

Luxury toilets are a highly desirable part of any corporate event hire. You get to celebrate outside in person and keep the joy of the season as we get through difficult times together. Celebrate face-to-face this coming holiday season in safety and style with luxury toilets that represent the quality and refinement you wish to offer your guests.

Contact us today for more information. You’ll be glad you did!