When it comes to planning your outdoor wedding, having the right toilets on hand may not be the first item on your list you discuss. Deciding on the best food, napkins, flowers, cutlery, and tents to reflect your sophistication and taste most likely takes center stage. This being said, the comfort of your guests always ranks high. Having the right bathroom facilities in place can be a proven asset.

At Luxury Toilet Hire, our high-end luxury spa toilet suites ensure every aspect of your wedding provides your guests with an elegant experience. Complete with award-winning fittings, power outlets, quality flush systems, ducted air conditioning, and more, our suites will make you wonder if you aren’t actually inside the bride’s home!

How convenient is it? Our fully trained operators will bring your luxury toilets directly to your site, install them, and conduct all removal. You can rest assured your guests’ needs are being taken care of, as well as yours.

Style and finesse
Yes, we guarantee it! Our wedding toilet suites really are the best in Brisbane. We do this by making sure every inch of your wedding toilet hire is up to standard- and our standards are high. Ensuite En Tow, our parent company, has been in business since 2003. The company’s journey started by supplying a comfortable solution when an existing bathroom was being renovated in a client’s home or office.

Our luxury portable toilet trailers and luxury portable bathrooms were such a success, business soon grew. We have now provided high-quality portable toilet services to film sets, festivals, community events, and more. So, yes, you could say we know exactly what you’ll need on your special day in terms of luxury amenities!

We thoroughly clean and inspect all our units before use. This ensures you have the best outdoor bathroom experience possible. Our luxury toilet spa suites include a stylish interior, bright lighting, modern decor, stainless steel sinks, Corian® countertops, hidden under-counter rubbish bins, and hands-free flushing.

Our urinals have a functional p-trap that eliminates odours, and vented roofs to keep the room smelling fresh right through the night. The result is a pleasant, luxurious bathroom experience unlike that of most other common portable toilet systems.

Superior Quality
● Foot Pedal Flushing Toilets
● Air Conditioning

● Bright Modern Lighting
● Urinal Systems
● Detailed Finishing

Keeping your guests connected and comfortable
So, our luxury toilet suites are elegant and clean but can your guests take the music with them? Yes! Our AM/FM Bluetooth entertainment package provides ceiling-mounted Bluetooth speakers in our luxury toilet suites. This means your guests won’t miss a thing even if they need to leave their table. Connect your favourite music playlists and have users hear every bit of that speech, never missing a beat.

What other special features are present? LED vacancy indicators tell those in line if a toilet is currently in use. This makes it easy to see even at night with lower light levels. Safety is enhanced with porch-style steps and a landing that provides users with assistance accessing the toilet suites, should they need it.

Bright internal and external lighting allows your guests to easily and safely use the luxury portable toilet trailers, day and night, reducing your fears of trips and falls. And finally, air conditioning provides a welcoming environment, keeping the room fresh. Your wedding toilet hire really can be classic and sophisticated thanks to our luxury toilet spa suites!

So, why not avoid the common pitfalls of portable toilets and treat your guests to the best by making modern elegance and an upscale experience yours. Contact us today to learn which spa suite package can best suit your needs. A beautiful wedding awaits!